EuroVet Vaccination Needles
23G x 3mm EuroVet Vaccination Needles
23G x 3mm (0.60 x 3mm)

Veterinary Vaccination Needles 22G x 10mm

These needles are manufactured using best quality cold rolled stainless steel strips with the latest Japanese   technology, are ground on high precision machines and assembled on totally automated  machines with Quality Controls for enabling superior sharpness to  ensure injections with minimal pain.









 C O M P O N E N T S  : 

Made from free cutting brass as per IS:319-1974, is properly electroplated to make it corrosion resistant and suitable for Luer Lock or Luer Tip glass syringe for LEAK PROOF JOINT (as per IS:3234-1965). Hubs with RECORD FITTING ARE ALSO AVAILABLE

Veterinary Needles feature over- sized Chrome Plated Hubs, for secure gripping even under the most difficult circumstances. Needles with standard (regular) hubs are also available in all sizes configuration, as
they are useful when working with smaller animals .
Made from hyperchrome stainless steel tubing, our cannulae have super sharp VETERINARY BEVEL, offering longer life, reduced coring and painless penetration. Points are machine ground to assure uniform sharpness and minimal patient discomfort due to tearing of skin. Precision grinding, micro bead jet blasting and ultrasonic cleaning assure freedom from burrs and debris.

SS tubing is fabricated without exposing the interior to lubricants or mechanical drawing, offering, therefore, the cleanest, purest tube interiors available anywhere.

12 needles are packed in Plastic Box. 12 Boxes in export worthy duplex box.

STILLET / CLEANING WIRES can be supplied on request.
All of our needles offer exceptional quality and value and can be sterilized using any conventional method.
We offer the largest range of specialty hypodermic Needles available from one source Our needles conform to ISO 594 and are typically made from 304 stainless steel tubing (some from 316 stainless steel). Standard hubs feature Chrome Plated Brass. We also manufacture needles with stainless steel (316 stainless steel) hubs as well.
The needles manufacture process totally eliminates interior coarseness of the needle tubing making it an excellent choice for critical blood flow applications and delicate procedures where turbulence and cell damage must be minimized.


            PRODUCT RANGE          
Needle Gauge
6 - 23

  1/4", 3/8",  1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2"- 2"


Large Grooved Hub Veterinary Needles

Large Grooved Hub Veterinary Needles

18G x 5mm Veterinary Vaccination Needles
18G x 5mm Veterinary Vaccination Needles manufactured by Victor - G.& Company,INDIA
Veterinary Needles Pkt. of 10Veterinary Vaccination Needles 22G x 10mm manufactured by Victor - G. & Company, INDIA
14G x 2" (50 x 20) NEEDLES (Single Packing) 14G x 2" Veterinary Needles 50 x 2.0 Custom Labels and Identification Stickers, can be provided, if the requirement is regular and consistent


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15Gx13mm 13x1.8 Veterinary Needles





Round Knurled Hub Veterinary Needles

             Transfer Needles


ISO  13485:2003 Certified
ISO 13485:2003 certified
ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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Available with

bullet Regular Nickel Plated Hub
bullet BIG Chrome Plated Hub
bullet Large Chrome Plated Hub
bullet Round Knurled Hub
bullet Large Grooved Hub
bullet Record Mount Hub

VACCINATION NEEDLES Regular Hubs Luer Lock, Chrome Plated (Part # 160CP)

Suitable for Poultry / Fish Vaccination

Regular Hubs Luer Lock, Nickel Plated (Part # 160NP)


BIG Hubs, Luer Lock Chrome Plated (Part # 230CP)

BIG Hubs, Luer Lock Chrome Plated (Part # 230CP)

Extra Strong Vaccination Needles

Knurled Luer Lock Hubs, Nickle Plated, Plastic Packing

Large Hubs, Luer Lock Chrome Plated (Part# LHCP)

Large Plastic Packing


Custom Needles for Fish Vaccination

Pencil Point 2 Pair Side Holes


BIG Hubs, Luer Lock Chrome Plated (Part # 230CP)

Clear Perspex OEM Label

BIG Hubs, Luer Lock Chrome Plated (Part # 230CP)

OEM Label