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SS bended tip, Metal hub tip, SS flat tip, SS dispensing tip

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ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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ISO 13485:2003 Certified

ISO 13485 2003

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We offer the largest selection of blunt needles with standard luer lock hubs.
These needles are available from ½" to 12" lengths and gauges.
bullet Metal Chrome Plated Brass Hubs
 8 G to 32 G
bulletPP Threaded Luer Lock Hubs (Helix)
10 G to 20 G
bullet Plastic PP Hubs
18 G to 30 G

Industry & Usage: Electronics, Ink Jet, Aerospace, Dental, Medical Manufacturing




These reusable needles feature a nickel / chrome plated brass hub and stainless steel tips for superior chemical resistance and increased dependability within a dispensing application.

Regular Hubs, Stainless Steel 304

8G Blunt Needles

Chrome Plated Big Hubs, Stainless Steel 304

Blunt Needles 14G x 2" Single Packing

14G x 2" Blunt Needles Single Packing

Blunt Dispensing Needles 22G 23G 24G 25G 26G 27G
Blunt Dispensing Needles
Blunt Dispensing Needles 11G 13G 14G 16G 18G
Blunt Dispensing Needles 11G 13G 14G 16G 18G


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Stainless steel, blunt dispensing needles are epoxy bonded into color-coded PP Luer Lok hubs

Helix Luer Lock Threaded Hubs

Helix Luer Lock Threaded Hubs

Blunt Needles with Side slot

Helix Luer Lock Threaded Hubs, SS 304

Color Coded PP Helix Luer Lock Hubs

Color Coded PP Helix Luer Lock Hubs

12G x 60mm Blunt Needles Blunt Dispensing Needles Plastic Helix Threaded Luer Lock Hubs 18G 20G Blunt Dispensing Needles Plastic Helix Threaded Luer Lock Hubs 18G 20G 29G x 0.5 inch 30G x 0.5 inch Blunt Dispensing Needles manufactured by Victor - G. & Company. INDIA www.victor-g.com

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Victor-G. offers one of the largest selections of industrial bent needles available anywhere. Selection includes blunt bent stainless steel needles with plastic luer lock hubs and metal luer lock hubs.

We specialize in Rigid Precisely bent, burr free, electro polished, stainless steel tips, from ½” up to 12” lengths in various bend angles with


Helix Threaded Luer Lock Hubs 16G - 18G

bulletMetal Chrome Plated Brass Luer Lock Hubs 8G - 27G
bulletPP Luer Lock Hubs 18G - 24G

Bended in 45 degree, 60 degree, 90 degree, 130 degree or any custom angle as desired

PP Helix Luer Lock Hub, Bent Tips SS 304

16G, 17G, 18G different lenghts

PP Luer Lock Bent Tips SS 304

Assorted Lengths from 18G - 24G

Metal Luer Lock Bent Tips SS 304

12G and 14G x 1/2" 45º

Available from 8G to 27G in different lengths and in different bends (as per requirements)

Bent Needles 15G8G x 1/2" 30 Degree Bent Needles


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 also visit Irrigation Needles section

Needles used for Irrigating / Dispensing fluids through side ports.

Available in stainless steel straight / bent

1. Plugged point cannulae
2. Pencil point cannuale
3. Blunt cannulae

Pencil Point Needles, Side Ports Slots / Holes, Luer Lock

Pencil Point Needles with Side Port Slot / Hole

Color Coded PP Helix Threaded Luer Lock Hubs

Irrigation Needles / Closed End Swaging

Plugged Point Needles with Side Hole / Slot / Ports available with Metal Chrome Plated Hubs and PP Helix Threaded Luer Lock Hubs

16G x 2" Pencil Point Needles with Side Ports, Helix Luer Lock Hubs

Pencil Point Needles with Brass Chrome Plated Luer Lock Hubs

Closed Bevel Thru Slot Needles



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Tissue cutters are very critical components used in many medical devices for procedures, such as coronary by-pass. Sharpened tubes are also used in biopsy devices and other tissue sampling procedures, such as corneal and cartilage harvesting. Many hair transplant instruments also use these types of components. In addition to these types of devices and procedures, there are many new MIS techniques under development that require sharp edges, bevels, or other sharp features on the ends or sides of tubes.


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